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718-661-4447, Massage, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Cellulite reduction, Flushing NY, Westbury NY, Hunting
(718) 661-4447

Massage has been one of the oldest and most effective non-invasive methods for managing pain, reducing swelling, improving circulation, improving sleep, muscle elasticity, flexibility and strength.  Diann believes in the importance of the body, mind and soul connection as the foundation of her practice.  She is a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist for 19 years, and holds a certification in Sivananda Yoga for over 15 years. Her methods are based in the energetic field of healing which have been very effective based on client feedback. She is also studying with Ohashi at his Shiatsu Center in New York City.  She has been practicing Zen Shiatsu for over 19 years.  Shiatsu works with 12 energy meridians in the body. When one meridian is blocked, one usually experiences physical pain. Shiatsu helps to balance you emotionally, physically and psychologically.
          Yoga has been in practice for nearly 5,000 years as an effective method to integrate physical movement and meditation   to connect the body, mind and soul.  It helps with reducing stress, losing weight, increasing strength and flexibility, improving sleep, slowing the aging process and recovering from injury.  Diann's yoga practice emphasizes the importance of deep breathing as a means of connecting to life's vital energy or prana, in conjunction to the postures or asanas. She offers group and private classes each week. 

                                                                                    Diann's Massage and Yoga Center 
                                                                                                  Hours: M-Sat 10-7              
                                                                                                170-11 29th Avenue            
                                                                                                  Flushing NY 11358              
                                                                            (718) 661-4447            

         E-mail: okpo50@yahoo.com
           Home visits and gift certificates available.

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